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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

PE - Team Building 

This term we have worked hard to improve our team building skills during outdoor PE. Each week we have played new games and worked with different friends to solve problems and complete challenges. We have particularly enjoyed playing ‘Cross the river’, ‘Sharks’ and ‘Connections’. We have thought about how good listening can help in team building as well as patience, communication and perseverance.

ICT - Our Computing Skills!

We have really enjoyed visiting the computer suite each week this term to develop our ICT skills! We have learnt how to log in to the computer independently, how to use Kid Rex to safely make searches on the internet and how to navigate Education City and Purple mash. We have also spent time familiarising ourselves with where the letters and numbers are located on a keyboard in order to develop our typing skills. During our final session, we discussed the differences between technology based work and paper based activities and we created wonderful Christmas pictures using our controlled mouse skills on 2Paint!

Bonfire Night Theme Day!


In November, we had our very own Bonfire Night theme day in Year 2! We learnt all about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot and the history behind why we celebrate firework night. We learnt about bonfire, firework and sparkler safety and we enjoyed creating some fantastic firework artwork! We used our fire building skills to make our own bonfire and we toasted marshmallows which were delicious! We also got to light sparklers and wave them on the playground! We all had a fantastic time!

Art – Colour Mixing

In Art we have loved exploring colour mixing! We have learnt about primary and secondary colours and made our own colour wheels. We also experimented with adding black to paint to see what would happen and noticed the colour became darker. We also made a colour chart to show how a colour becomes lighter when white paint is added.


During our COOL time we continue the learning that we have been doing throughout the week and enjoy practising / showing the different characteristics of effective learning.  We have really enjoyed exploring all of the amazing resources that we have available to support the development of our social and communication skills, such as board games, marble runs, wooden blocks, train sets and Lego etc.  We have particularly enjoyed the Travel Agent role play areas within our classrooms this term!

Music – Instruments and Musicianship


This term we have enjoyed exploring a range of tuned and untuned instruments in the music room and finding out how to play them effectively. We focussed on rhythm and learnt to repeat simple rhythms on a range of percussion instruments. We learnt about quavers, crotchets, minims and semibreves and how musical notation is a visual representation of how long each note lasts and we enjoyed creating our own rhythms using these musical notes.

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