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Appeti Tennis

Children in Year 1 have loved learning new skills during PE lessons with our special visitor from Appeti tennis! They had to concentrate very carefully to hold the tennis racket correctly and control the ball.

Circus Day

We love having Lucas Jett to visit us with his spectacular circus show! He showed us some amazing tricks and we even got to learn some circus skills too!

Cross Country

We have been trying really hard to improve our cross country running skills in Year 1 and Year 2. It is always very exciting visiting the Junior school field and challenging ourselves to complete the course without stopping!

Scooter Day

Scooter day is always a highlight of the year with every child invited to bring in their own scooter from home for the day! The children have so much fun scooting around the playground with their friends, completing courses and learning new skills.


At Herne, we love to immerse ourselves in new experiences and activities. One of our favourite activities is to go swimming!

Year 2 Basketball Festival

A few children in Year 2 were very excited to visit Herne Bay High with other local primary schools for an afternoon learning new basketball skills. The children practised dribbling the ball, shooting at the basket and throwing and catching. They also loved learning how to defend and play a match at the end of the afternoon!

Year 2 Cornerball Festival

Some Year 2 children were very pleased to be chosen to take part in a corner ball festival for the afternoon. We had a special visitor from the Sports Partnership at Herne Bay High who came to teach us how to play the game. We were very competitive and loved cheering for our teams!

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