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Welcome to Herne Infant & Nursery School - Learning, loving and growing together
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Our Vision, Values & Ethos

Our view is that education is for life. Following the Early Years Foundation Stage and National Curriculum Guidelines we aim to ensure that the children will achieve their full potential. Our aim is to create an environment in which everyone will feel valued, respected, happy and able to contribute to school life. As a Church of England School, we promote close links with the local church, fostering a Christian ethos.

All our policies and practice follow the Christian values of honesty, trust, forgiveness, love and respect.

Within this environment of mutual respect, children, staff and parents will feel safe, secure, confident and happy. The feeling of high self-esteem is encouraged through praise and self-appraisal. The awareness, appreciation and tolerance of others is encouraged. We all need encouragement and praise, some for the smallest of achievements.

We aim to promote a partnership with parents, colleagues, St Martin's church, Local Authority and wider community. We also pride ourselves on establishing and maintaining a global dimension. Our aim is to promote empathy and understanding of our diverse culture.

Visitors are welcomed and given appropriate advice or information. The children's interests, development and well being are uppermost in everyone's minds.

Safeguarding including e-safety is a priority. Rules are therefore implemented to prevent accidents, bullying and any inappropriate behaviour. A quiet word to remind a child of this is all that is needed usually, but occasionally persistent or dangerous behaviour needs stronger methods. This will take the form of sanctions such as removal from a favourite activity, or group or, when necessary, dialogue with the Head. In certain circumstances parents are involved and appropriate strategies agreed.

We aim to create a calm, quiet atmosphere where shouting voices are discouraged.

Moving around school either alone or in large groups should be disciplined and quiet.

We aim to provide equality of provision and learning between races, gender and age. Safe recruitment is understood by all personnel.

Our Vision 2021 - 2022

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