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Christian Distinctiveness

Religious Education

Christian Distinctiveness


At Herne CE Infant and Nursery School our vision is "Our school family: Learning, loving and growing together". We aim to fulfil this vision by weaving our Christian values into the fabric of our school, creating a very clear and distinctive Christian ethos that underpinds every thought, decision and action made.


Our 5 Values

At Herne we have 5 Christian values:







These values are derived from stories of the life and works of the trinity: God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Each value is modelled and demonstrated by staff through the way they act and behave towards each other and all stakeholders, language and vocabulary used and how teaching and learning is approached. The expectation at Herne is that children also display these 5 Christian values.


All school policies are approached in a manner which encompasses these values. Whichever subject is being taught, how it is being taught, the manner by which we respond to behaviour, class rules, and behaviour strategies etc. is handled or delivered appropriately based on our Christian values.

What does Christian distinctiveness look like at Herne Infant and Nursery school?

In and around the school you will see and hear things for all stakeholders to embed the Christian values of our school and how they applicable to life at Herne.

For example

Daily acts of collective worship. These include stories from the Bible, songs, prayer and a message about hot this is relevant to all of us in our day to day life.

Singing. We learn a wide variety of songs in school including Christian songs. These take the form of praise.

Visual reminders of our values. Lanyards, photos depicting values, displays.

Whole school prayer station. A dedicated space for prayer and reflection that changed according to the time of year and/or children's needs and interest. All stakeholders have access to this.

Class reflection areas.

Prayers and Grace. We have created a school prayer and use a special prayer for the Grace in order to thank God for his provision. These can be read below. The children also have opportunity to contribute to prayers in class and worship if they would like to.

Regular visits by our local vicar, Carol to facilitate whole school worship, Godly play, Governor monitoring, support staff with Christian knowledge and understanding and for pastoral care.

Church service for celebrations such as Christmas, Easter and the Year R welcome service.

Dedicated weeks to explore Christianity such as the Easter experience, Pentecost experience and sensory prayer week. These are designed and run with Herne CE Junior School and St. Martin's Church, providing an opportunity to work together in our larger Herne Christian family.

Teaching RE at school


At Herne CE Infant and Nursery school we follow the Kent agreed syllabus for RE.

Children have weekly RE lessons following the plans created by Canterbury Diocese which can be found on their website.


Year R learn about Christianity; who Jesus was, his life and his friends.

Year 1 learn about Christianity for 4 terms and Judaism for 2 terms.

Year 2 learn about Christianity for 4 terms and Hinduism for 2 terms.


During RE lessons children are taught subject knowledge about a particular religion (Attainment Target 1) and how people of that religion apply it to their lives (Attainment Target 2)


RE lessons teach tolerance, understanding and respect for people of similar and different faiths.

Herne School Prayer


Dear God,

Thank you for the joy of making things,

For the stong and steady hands,

For the patience to try and try again,

Help us to learn something new every day,





We thank you Lord for happy hearts,

For rain and sunny weather,

We thank you Lord for this our food

And that we are together,


Prayer Walk 2018

This year we joined once again with our friends at Herne Junior School and St Martin's Church to take part in an Easter Prayer experience. A prayer station was set up at each location. We reflected on the Easter story from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. We shared our thoughts and feelings together and prayed together. We loved the interactive activities at each prayer station and also our quiet thinking time. We felt very blessed to be able to pray and think together in our community.

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