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Special Educational Needs

Introduction to SEN&D       


At Herne CE Infant and Nursery School we strive to ensure that all children are enabled to reach their full potential. We support the children in a range of ways to ensure that they are given every opportunity to develop in every area of their learning.

Our children are all engaged in quality first teaching; however throughout a child’s education one in five children may need further additional support at some point to help them achieve their targets. All of the staff at Herne CE Infant and Nursery School take responsibility to ensure that all children are immersed in an engaging, creative and inclusive education and the SENCO is responsible for leading this.

Wellbeing Team



Our SENCO is Mrs. Angie Cox and the SEN Governor is Mrs. Judith Clifford

At Herne we understand that all children are individuals and will learn in a variety of ways and at a pace which suits them. Throughout their education some children may require intervention or additional support for a number of reasons. In order for us to ensure that individuals are able to meet their full potential while they are in our care it is important that we carefully monitor and record their progress.

Children who are highlighted by their class teacher as requiring an intervention are recorded on a provision map. Children can be placed on a provision map for any area of their learning which they are either excelling in, need support with or have not made the progress expected by their teacher.

Provision map targets are shared with parents regularly and parents are kept up to date with the progress and achievements of their child.

Children’s progress will be continually monitored and reviewed.

If a child requires a higher level of support or intervention they may be placed on our SEN register. This will enable us to monitor their progress engaging parents with discussions and ensuring that the support and interventions are appropriate and have a positive impact on their child’s learning.

Along with monitoring provision and tracking pupil’s progress, I support Class Teachers to ensure that appropriate strategies are in place. This enables pupils to progress and reach their full potential. Sometimes it is necessary to involve outside agencies for their help in either identifying or supporting pupils, whose need, despite the consistent and thorough support offered by the school, continue to make little or no progress over a sustained period of time.

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