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Term 6

We have had an amazing time during term 6 learning all about the Olympics and the different countries that take part in it. Throughout the term, we have expanded our creative minds by using a range of resources and materials to create a variety of art work. We have also enhanced our physical skills as we were able to take part in our very own sports day within the Nursery and the children had lots of fun exploring the range of activities. Towards the end of the term, we were preparing our older children for their next step into school and our younger children for their new responsibilities for when they return to Nursery after the summer holiday.   

Term 5

Term 5 has been amazing as we have had the opportunity to learn a range of new things.  We began the term learning all about the wonderful people that help us on a daily basis, such as shop keepers and waste collectors. Within these couple of weeks, we learnt a lot about where our food comes from and how to recycle different materials.
During this term, we also had our incredible book week, where we were all able to dress up as our favourite book characters. All of the children looked amazing in their very inspirational outfits! Within our book week, we had a focus story called, “Journey”, which the children thoroughly enjoyed. To continue our focus on stories, rhymes and songs, we decided to participate in the National Pyjamarama Event, where we were able to come into school in our PJ’s! All of the children were extremely excited and loved being in their pyjamas.
To end Term 5, we developed our knowledge of growing plants and vegetables. During these weeks, we learnt which fruits and vegetables came from which plant and how they grow. Throughout this topic, we learnt how a plants structure is very similar to a human body. Throughout the last two weeks, we were all given the opportunity to grow our very own pumpkin using some seeds and soil. The children have also taken on the responsibility to ensure that their plant is watered on a daily basis.

Term 4

WOW… Term 4 has been amazing! We have thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of our lovely friends again since the last lockdown. We have also welcomed some new wonderful faces into our nursery as well and they have become part of our Windmill Nursery family very quickly. This term, we have not only reconnected with our friends but we have also learnt so much. 
During the term, we have learnt about dinosaurs; we have learnt about Spring and seasonal changes; we have learnt about different aspects on a farm and we have learnt about the importance of Easter. Throughout these topics, we have also developed our gross motor and fine motor skills through physical education, such as Write Dance and balancing as well, clever finger activities, such as tissue paper scrunching, handwriting patterns, and cotton bud painting. We have used our fine motor skills to create some beautiful art work which has been placed around our nursery and has made the environment look very colourful and bright.
During the term, we opened up our new sensory room which has a range of different sensory toys. All of the children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the sensory room and have particularly loved the huge bubble tube.
Throughout the term, we have continued to develop our number recognition. We can now confidently recognise numbers in the environment and we are continuing to develop our skills within counting objects from a large group.
Within phonics, we have developed our listening and attention skills through a range of activities, such as songs, rhymes and games. We have begun learning some initial letter sounds alongside articulation so that we can remember the sound with the action.
We have worked so hard this term and we are all looking forward to seeing what Term 5 brings…







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