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Windmill Nursery Curriculum


We have had another fantastic term in Windmill Nursery, learning and exploring a range of themes. The themes that we have explored this term are Creepy Crawlies, Spiders, Cool Campers, Around the World and The Queens Celebration. The children have gained so much knowledge this term and they have enjoyed every second of it!

For our Creepy Crawlies the children were able to learn some incredible facts about a range of insects, for example, bees have five eyes. Throughout these themes, the children were able to strengthen their fine motor skills by using a range of techniques, such as, tissue paper scrunching and handwriting patterns. During the theme, all of the children had the opportunity to decorate their very own insect.

A theme that the children were really amazed with was our Cool Campers theme. This theme allowed the children to explore the outdoor area as well as experience a small part of camping. During this theme the children were able to sit round a camp fire whilst having a hot chocolate, toasted marshmallows and popcorn. During the camping week, the children demonstrated excellent teamwork skills as they worked together to create their very own tent using materials and pegs. Once they had created their tent, they then used their amazing speaking and listening skills to tell each other stories.

The last theme that we celebrated was the Queens Jubilee. Throughout this week, the children participated in a range of royal activities, such as, creating their very own crown, decorating a cake, having their own school party lunch and decorating a flag.

We have had a very busy, fun and exciting term!


This term we have been very busy looking at a range of themes. One of the themes that we explored this term was called, ‘Stepping into Spring’. Throughout this theme, the children were able to explore colours that are related to the season as well understanding the seasonal changes that occur as we enter Spring. Towards the end of this theme, the children were able to identify a range of colours as well as name some of the seasonal changes that occur.

Another theme that the children were really engrossed in was our theme called, ‘Pop!’ This theme allowed the children to experiment with bubble mixture as well as washing up liquid and with these two ingredients they were able to experiment how to make huge bubbles. The children were particularly fascinated by this theme and together we decided to move the bubble mixture into a tuff spot to create huge bubbles around the children. During this theme, the children also discovered that they could see a range of colours in each bubble.

Towards the end of this term, the children had a great time celebrating Easter by creating Easter nests, going on an Easter egg hunt and joining the school in the Easter experience day.


We have all had a fantastic term learning all about bears and fairy tales.
For the first few weeks of the term, we explored the theme ‘Beautiful Bears.’ During this theme, the children gained a lot of knowledge of bears around the world and the habitats that they live in. Some of the activities during this theme, provided the children opportunities to do develop their fine motor skills. A particular activity that the children enjoyed during this theme, was the sorting activity which was where they needed to match different bears to their correct habitat. The children were also provided with a range of role playing activities such as, bears in a tuff spot surrounded by ice and a range of bear masks where they were able to take on the role as a bear.

Another theme we explored this term was called, ‘Once upon a time’. During this theme the children explored a range of fairy tales, such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Hansel and Gretel and Rumpelstiltskin. Throughout these themes, the children were able to develop a range of skills such as, speaking and listening and fine and gross motor skills. Some of the activities the children took part in were, tissue paper scrunching for their magical apple and handwriting patterns on a range of fairy tale templates. Throughout this particular theme, the children explored a range of role playing opportunities, such as, exploring the toy castle with knights and princesses as well as dressing up opportunities where they were able to pretend that they were the princess or knight. 


This term has been extremely busy but we have all had a fantastic time learning new things. Throughout this term we have explored a range of themes, such as, Bonfire night, Maths Week, National Rhyme Time Week, Paw Patrol and Christmas Magic.

The children thoroughly enjoyed all of the themes and were able to develop their fine and gross motor skills in a range of ways. Some of the activities that the children have been able to explore have involved, scissors, threading, tissue paper scrunching, cotton bud painting and handwriting patterns.

A particular theme that the children really enjoyed this term, was ‘Paw Patrol’. Throughout that week, the children were able to explore the different roles and responsibilities of the pups and relate them to the real world. They were also able to share and discuss which pup was their favourite and why. This supported the children’s understanding of how everyone has different thoughts and opinions.


During this busy term, we have also been able to explore the local community by going on a few trips. Our first trip was to the local park and the children thoroughly enjoyed exploring the large equipment. They demonstrated on this walk their excellent listening skills and on the way back to school we had people from the community mention about how grown up our children were. We also went on another trip to the church where we learnt all about Advent and why it is important to Christians. On this trip the children were amazed by the beautiful pictures in the church windows. For our final trip of the term, the children were very excitable as they were able to go on a mini bus to the local library. All of the children had a great time exploring all of the wonderful books that the library had to offer. They also had the opportunity to borrow a book from the library and use the checking out system.


We have had a lovely start to the year in Windmill Nursery. We have loved seeing some familiar faces walking back through our door and have enjoyed welcoming in some new faces as well. All of the children have settled into our routines extremely well and all have thoroughly enjoyed making new friendships with different children.


To begin our wonderful term, we have looked closely at the rules and routines that we have within our Nursery. We have worked together as a team to ensure that we all know where the Nursery toys belong and where our personal belongings go as this will support the development of our independence. Within the first few weeks of Term 1, we explored the theme “We are amazing” which involved us learning all about ourselves as well as our family and friends. Throughout the term we have also explored themes such as, ‘Recycling’ and ‘The Big Draw’. During our chosen themes within the Nursery, we have been able to develop our numeral skills and listening and attention skills through a variety of ways, such as, songs, number hunts and games.

Throughout the term, we have also been developing our fine and gross motor skills through a range of activities. Some of the activities that we have explored have taken place during our P.E sessions such as, Write Dance and developing our balancing skills. To enhance our fine motor skills, we have taken part in activities that involved us practising our scissor skills, threading and tissue paper scrunching. The children have thoroughly enjoyed these activities and as such some have chosen to continue their learning within their Cool Time.

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