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Welcome to Year R!

Term 1

We are just so proud of all the children in Dormouse, Squirrel and Hedgehog class, who have transitioned into our Herne Infant family really well. We started our first few weeks together by getting to know each child on a 1:1 basis in their new classroom, shortly followed by half day sessions in two small groups. This built up to being all together for mornings. We even tried our school dinners for the first time! Finally, we all came together for whole day sessions, learning many routines and making many friends. We have just completed our first week of full time! How exciting!

Some of the things we have done include:

  • Getting to know all of the adults who are here to help us learn and keep us safe in our class and the Year R family
  • Having daily circle times, where we got to learn our friend’s names and playing lots of games and singing songs to support speaking and listening, and turn taking
  • Identifying the sound of our class instrumental to know when it is time to stop, look, listen and when it is time to line up during outdoor active play times. We also have a tidy up song, which helps us to boogie whilst clearing away all of our things.
  • Learning where all our things go and where to put things in our inside and outside environment
  • Going for a little tour around our school, seeing siblings, new friends and adults that form part of our wider school family
  • Making many arts and crafts to brighten up our rooms that help us with our fine motor skills such as cutting, drawing, painting and printing
  • Having class worship, joining in with whole school Worship and year group Worship.  We have been good at finding out what Worship is and the many symbols of God and Jesus
  • Joining in with COOL Times (Continuing with Our Own Learning through play), developing and demonstrating many skills whilst we play. We have learnt about some Characteristic of Effective Learning Characters such as Frieda the Feelings Flamingo, Cleo the Chameleon and Toby the Turtle.
  • Counting forwards and back whilst singing songs and even lining up
  • Understanding the breadth of number knowledge of numbers to four such as subitising, making the number with smaller numbers plus the different ways the number can be represented. We are also having a go at writing the numerals
  • Starting phonic sessions to help us learn the sounds of some graphemes of the alphabet
  • Reading books in small groups and on a 1:1 basis
  • Visiting areas around the school such as the HIVE, library and hall


We would like to thank the parents for all the information you gave us regarding your wonderful children on our parent partnership days, and for their valuable support throughout this transition time. The children have done so well!


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