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Welcome to Herne Infant & Nursery School - Learning, loving and growing together
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Look at what our parents think of Herne Infants


“The school is a happy, safe environment which does feel like a family (with the Juniors). My child has progressed well in their reading and writing, counting and simple sums – and is proud of their progress”


“It is a friendly, welcoming school, which my children are very happy to attend.”


“It’s a wonderful place, we only moved to this area for the Nursery. She comes out with something new and impressive every day!”


“She has help in order to help her progress and be a happier, more confident little girl.”


“My child has improved greatly since starting school. He loves to explore new things, is kind to people, takes turns and is considerate of others. The school is highly organised and promotes Christian values in my son!”


“My child is happy and learning well. Staff are very friendly and happy and have dealt with my concern. It feels very supportive and organised.”


“Children are well cared for and children are well behaved and friendly to each other.”


“There is a genuine feeling of togetherness and joy around the school, creating a fun, friendly place for children to develop positively.”


“It is a friendly safe place where I feel my child is loved and nurtured and supported to learn at a rate and a style which fits her individual needs.



“Our boys love coming to school and we would recommend Herne Infants to other parents”


“My son enjoys coming to school, he is really happy and loves singing and learning new things and reading.”


“Such a lovely family school”


“My children are always happy to come to school. They are both thriving and their confidence is growing”


“It is clear that my daughter is working hard at school because she is making such fantastic progress.”


You have captured that magical balance between working hard and having serious fun!”


“Couldn’t be happier”


“The school has a wonderful atmosphere and the staff are genuinely caring, encouraging and nurturing. It is a happy place to be”


“Herne is a beautiful school filled with beautiful people. It has a welcome feel and smiley atmosphere”


“A fabulous school that treats each child as an individual and helps them to develop accordingly. Celebrates through the good times and gives support through the tough times. I wouldn’t want my children to go to school anywhere else.”

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