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Year 1

Year 1



In D.T., we built an understanding of what healthy means. Part of this was understanding that some foods should just be treats.

We made a variety of things such as a healthy vegetable soup! We had to cut up the vegetables using sharp equipment. It tasted incredible!

We learnt about what the word ‘seasonal’ means and discussed the importance of using seasonal food where we can.


Dark Night

Year One were very excited to spend an evening at school this term to observe the change from light to dark as part of our science learning around seasonal change. We explored glow in the dark paint, went on a scavenger hunt using our torches to find nocturnal animals, had a boogie with glowsticks and even enjoyed a tasty treat around the campfire. Take a look  at some of the things we got up to…


This term we have been learning all about sculpture. We learned that sculpture is 3D art and that you can create it out of any kind of material. We focused on Andy Goldsworthy and his natural art. We spent time recreating some of his pieces outside. Then, we learned how to make a sculpture from paper, including making a tree from a paper bag. Finally, we created our own Andy Goldsworthy inspired piece using our new sculpture skills. The results are amazing!



In Year 1, we are learning about our local area. We are looking at our school from a bird’s eye view and using directional vocabulary to describe the location of features and routes. We are also noticing different features of the school grounds and local area.

Later on this term, we will be learning to use a simple map of the local area and creating our own map of a familiar route.  




In Year 1, we have enjoyed visiting the Computer Suite and starting our Computing learning.

We have been learning the names of the different parts of the computer using vocabulary such as monitor, keyboard and mouse.

We started this term by playing a variety of games on Poisson Rouge. Next, we will be practising our skills in Paint and learning to save our work to the computer.




In year one, our new Owls, Moles and Rabbits have been getting to know their new classrooms and have settled well in to year one life.

In the afternoon, we have continued our own learning during our COOL Time sessions and have enjoyed exploring many different activities. Here are just a few of the things we have been up to so far…

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