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Year 2

Statement of Intent KS1

In Key Stage One we are passionate about supporting children to continue to develop their love of learning.  Our children’s wellbeing is at the centre of our curriculum, we understand that they need to feel safe, loved and secure within the environment in order to access a high level of learning. We teach topics in cross-curricular ways and are committed to providing hands on learning opportunities, enabling children to shape their own learning journey. We aim to foster children’s independence, resilience and perseverance and ensure that through our high quality provision they are able to consolidate and enhance a range of skills in all curriculum areas. Our inclusive approach enables us to foster our children’s curiosity and imagination as well as their academic achievement.

Helping My Child To Learn At Home

Year 2 Phonics Presentation

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Year 2 Expectations

The Year 2 Team have put together an informative video on the expectations in Year 2. The video is about 30 minutes long and addresses how Reading, Writing and Maths are taught in Year 2, what the end of year expectations are for each of these subjects and ways you can support your child’s learning at home. Following on from the video, if you have any further questions or queries then please talk to your child’s class teacher.


Music – Ocarinas


This term we have enjoyed learning a new instrument – the ocarina! We learnt to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star accurately and worked hard to hone our skills by varying the tempo and dynamics. We learnt to follow simple symbols and to draw symbols to represent different notes that we played. We worked in groups to create our own song, carefully recording on paper what were playing so that other groups could play our song too. We really enjoyed performing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the ocarinas to the whole school and everyone was very impressed with how in time we were!

Healthy Me

This term during our ‘Healthy Me’ learning we have thought about our wellbeing. In particular, we spent a week focusing on what we are each proud of and why. We celebrated our individual strengths by making our own medals and decorating these. We are all amazing at so many different things!

Around the world in a week!

This week throughout the school the children have been learning about different countries from around the world, with each year group having a focus country. Our focus country was The Netherlands.  We learnt lots about The Netherlands including some key phrases in Dutch, looking at the flag and locating it on maps. We also engaged with a range of cross curricular activities including Art, Music, Writing and Geography.

On Friday afternoon we had the opportunity to visit other year groups to learn about the countries that they had been focusing on throughout the week, which was Japan and Mexico.

We also learnt some key facts about a few other countries during our daily snack times, including Italy, Egypt, Denmark, Brazil and China. 

I wonder if your child can tell you a fact about one of the countries they’ve learnt about?


Book Week!

We really enjoyed our Herne Book Week, where we used the story ‘Chalk’ by Bill Thomson to theme our learning. We linked the story with our English and Art learning across the week. 

Some of our favourite activities during the week were using chalk to draw things that we hoped would come to life on the playground, using viewfinders to draw specific parts of illustrations, narrating the wordless book with our own ideas and writing our own adventure stories. 

We dressed up as our favourite story characters on World Book Day and enjoyed showing our outfits off in class!

The Great Fire of London


This term our theme has been ‘The Great Fire of London’. We have learnt all about the history of this event, as well as linking this theme to our Writing, Art, Music, Science and Outdoor Learning lessons, engaging with a variety of cross curricular activities. We enjoyed learning about Tudor houses, walking down into Herne village to sketch a real Tudor house. We then used this to create a more detailed drawing, using different grades of pencils and techniques. We also used our knowledge of Tudor houses to make our own, which we then burnt in the Hive to demonstrate how quickly the fire spread. In Science we explored flammable and non-flammable materials, linking to the materials used to make Tudor houses. In Music we learnt the song ‘London’s Burning’ and we sung it in rounds! We also imagined that we were Thomas Farriner (the King’s baker) and baked our own bread rolls!


This term we have been learning all about Salvation in our RE sessions and learning how this is part of the ‘Big Story’ in the Bible. We have enjoyed acting out parts of the Easter story and discussing what example Jesus set during Holy week. It was great to visit the church to think about how Christians show their beliefs. We also thought about our school value of forgiveness and drew pictures to show how we have forgiven people in the past.


Amazing Africa


This term our theme in Year 2 has been ‘Amazing Africa’. We have been learning about a small place called Homa Bay which is in Kenya (Africa) and we have compared it to where we live in Herne Bay which is in England (Europe). We have been exploring the similarities and differences, focusing on physical and human features, and we have used a variety of resources such as google maps, atlases, globes, photos and videos to develop our understanding further. We have also immersed ourselves in a variety of exciting cross curricular activities linked to our theme of ‘Amazing Africa’. We have learnt how to play the djembe drum and sung African songs in Music, created fact files about African animals in our writing sessions and also explored a traditional African tale called ‘Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain’. We have also immersed ourselves in this theme in Art, creating African warrior masks, African necklaces, silhouette sunset pictures of African animals and our own stencil with African patterns to create a repeating print.

Den Building


This term, we have been learning to build different types of shelters in the Hive! We learned to make lean-to shelters out of natural materials and we made dog-kennel shelters out of man-made materials. We tested the effectiveness of both types of shelters by pouring water on top to see if the dens were waterproof! We have really enjoyed our Outdoor Learning topic this term and we impressed our teachers with our communication skills and how well we worked in teams.


This term we have loved exploring the large apparatus in gymnastics. We have been learning how to travel in different ways on the apparatus and balance with control. We have also been practising different ways to dismount and jump, landing safely with bent knees. We particularly enjoyed climbing on the wall bars and challenging ourselves to travel very high!



We have loved our time learning in the computer room this term! We have been practising logging onto the computer independently and learning where the letters on the keyboard are. We particularly enjoyed navigating Kid Rex with simple searches. For our final session we discussed the differences between technology based work and paper based activities. We created wonderful Christmas pictures using our controlled mouse skills on 2Paint.

Bonfire Night Theme Day

On the 5th November, we had our very own Bonfire Night theme day in Year 2! We learnt all about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot and the history behind why we celebrate firework night. We learnt about bonfire, firework and sparkler safety and we enjoyed creating some fantastic firework artwork! We used our fire building skills to make our own bonfire and we toasted marshmallows which were delicious! We also got to light sparklers and wave them on the playground! What a fantastic enrichment day we had!

Curtis Wood

We went on a wonderful walk to Curtis Wood to look for signs of Autumn! We saw lots of things that showed us that Autumn had arrived such as moss, orange leaves, wet mud, berries and some bare trees. We felt that the air seemed cooler and noticed that the sun was lower in the sky. We had a fantastic time exploring the woods and finding lots of great things to play with!



We have been using our Art skills this term, creating our class animals in a variety of interesting ways. We have been drawing, painting, sticking and using collage to create our animals. We have also really enjoyed learning about primary and secondary colours, creating our own colour wheels and colour charts. We learned that adding white to colours turns the colour lighter and adding black to colours turns the colour darker.


During our COOL time we continue the learning that we have been doing throughout the week and enjoy practising/showing the different characteristics of effective learning. We have really enjoyed getting to know our classroom this term and all of the wonderful resources that we have available to support the development of our social and communication skills such as board games, marble runs, wooden blocks, train sets and lego etc. We love practising reading and writing during our COOL time and the teachers love to set challenges!

Go Green Week

We enjoyed participating in ‘Go Green Week’, exploring a range of environmental issues including deforestation, air pollution, plastic in the ocean, landfill sites and global warming. We used pictures and videos as stimulus for our discussions, reflecting on how these issues made us feel and what we can do to make a positive change. In our writing we also made posters telling people what they should do to look after the world. On Tuesday we had a paper free day in Year 2, limiting our use of paper and thinking of other ways we could do our learning e.g. whiteboards that can be reused multiple times, practical activities instead of worksheets and reading from the interactive whiteboard screen rather than printed instructions.

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