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Year 1

PE during Term 1 and Term 2

Year 1 PE

Year 1 have enjoyed visits from Appeti Tennis. The children practised balancing and controlling the ball, focusing on how to correctly hold the racket.

Pupil voice

“I learnt how to keep my hand steady holding the tennis racket”

“I learnt how to hit the tennis ball up and down over and over again on my racket”


Year 1 have also focused on ‘Sherbourne’, learning about different parts of the body.

Pupil voice

“The top of your knee is very hard”

“Your elbows help your arms to move and your knees help your legs to move”


We have also enjoyed Write Dance sessions, developing our gross motor skills to help with our handwriting.

Write Dance

PE during Term 3

Year 1 PE

We've had 5 3 1 1 3 Visitors