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Thursday 14th Jan

Thursday 14th January 2021


Recap letter sounds and names

Recap letter sounds and names


Introduce the new grapheme ‘y’ and learn its name and sound.


  Go on a hunt around the house and find all of the things that are yellow!



("The Lonely Goatherd" - THE SOUND OF MUSIC) and practise ‘Y’odelling



See the Oxford Owl website to access free e-books at age 4-5.


Sing 5 Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree


Balance 5 objects (e.g. pebbles, Jenga, teddies) to make two towers. Notice that you have 5 objects but you can make the towers look different.

Gross Motor

Can you move your body like animals that live in cold places: polar bear, penguin, fox. Or even like Elmer, plodding through the snow. Can your parents join in?

Fine Motor

Introduce the cursive letter â and have a go at practising it. To challenge yourself, you could write the word ¶¯e[t.



Following on from our learning about the Nativity story, our new topic is understanding that just as we grow from being babies into adults, Christians believe that Jesus grew up into an adult too. This week we think about the stages of growth from a baby until an adult to reinforce this concept. Use the RE resource to talk to your child about the different stages and complete the cutting and sticking activity.


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