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Term 5


This term we have continued to offer similar clubs to last term purely by popular demand and we continue to be delighted by the children’s enthusiasm for physical activity. 


Mrs Fordyce is our very own much valued resident expert choreographer and dance coach. She has chosen some lively music for the dance club and this term there is a whole new group of children thoroughly enjoying the experience of learning new dance steps as well contributing their own ideas towards a group performance.


Three children this term have continued to play for the local basketball club at Herne Bay High School but their skills are growing all the time. We were hoping for a local competition to show off their talent but at the moment there is nothing planned in the partnership. 


Football is as popular as ever and now the better weather is arriving, the children are able to take advantage of this by playing outside. This of course brings with it the freedom to kick the ball further and harder which adds another dimension to the training and games. Bob Bolder from Charlton Athletic Community Trust is also coaching tri-golf which is being run due to the children’s interest in this sport. The children love the challenge of controlling their swing and aim.


Last term we were very fortunate to have Premier Sport deliver the fencing club. The response was so great that manager Sophie Husband kindly agreed to allow her coaches to return to run a second club for those children who had been put on the waiting list. This is an amazing experience for our children and a new sport for the school so we are very grateful to Premier Sport for their support.


For a third successive term Mrs Beach is continuing the Speedstacking club. The children are really enjoying the success that continued practise is showing on their timed competitions each week. Speedstacking is a relatively new sport involving hand-eye coordination to an extreme but is such a fun way to encourage children who would usually shy away from the more traditional sports to be able to participate in physical activity.



Mrs March continues  to work her way through the very long waiting list for the healthy eating club for Year 2 children. She is amazed by the development in their culinary skills and knowledge as well as their enthusiasm. From healthy smoothies to chocolate cake as a treat, the children are encouraged to be as independent as possible in order to develop those all-important life skills.


A new set of children have joined the Change4Life club although some Year 2 children continue to act as leaders.  Miss Asaiwi organises the sessions on Friday afternoons and the latest children are enjoying the freedom to choose their own activities. The iam of the sessions is to increase the enjoyment of physical activity, developing understanding of the social aspects of sport as well as tracking their own progress. Each child has a book to keep a record of their increasing physical activity and to support their understanding of the health benefits. The children love coming to the sessions as there is always something new to challenge them.

Tri Golf

Tri Golf 1
Tri Golf 2
Tri Golf 3


Fencing 1
Fencing 2


Dance 1
Dance 2
Dance 3


Speedstacking 1
Speedstacking 2


Football 1
Football 2
Football 3

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating 1
Healthy Eating 2
Healthy Eating 3
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