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Term 3

Gymnastics Big Apparatus

We have really enjoyed using the large apparatus in the hall during our gymnastics sessions this term! We have been focussing on different ways to travel across the equipment, different balance poses and different types of jumps. We practised these skills on their own before creating routines that incorporated all three elements.

Year 2 Parent Reading Workshop


We invited our family in for a reading workshop, focused around our class text ‘Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain’. During the workshop we listened to the story with our family and then we engaged with a range of activities. The activities included making rain shakers to accompany the retelling of the story with a poetry focus, designing a new front cover to demonstrate our understanding of the characters and key events in the story and making character lolly stick puppets to retell the story.

All about Africa


This term we have learnt about Teshie in Ghana and compared the seaside town with our local town, Herne Bay. We compared the locations, climate, food and everyday life in the two towns. We also learnt some African songs, learnt to play African drums, created some beautiful sunset art and paper plate necklaces.

Science - Habitats

In Science this term, we have learnt about different animals and where they live. We have learnt about how different animals (and some plants) are adapted to where they live. For example, penguins have wings, but they are designed to be more like flippers because they use them for swimming not flying. We used the information we had learnt to create a shoebox habitat on the environment of our choice. The choices were polar, tropical, ocean or desert. We used our knowledge of what these areas are like to decorate the habitat with animals and plants that would naturally live there.

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