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Term 2


Term 2

This term we received 150 applications for places! Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate everyone but we do try to be as fair as possible and very much appreciate the enormous parental support as well as the enthusiasm of the children.

However, one club has not proved to be as popular. For the first time we have used some of the Sports Grant funding to support the local HBH basketball club but sadly only two children have taken advantage of this.  We are sincerely hoping that more will be encouraged to join as it is run by the previous Director of Sport for HBH who is a very experienced basketball player himself so this is a great opportunity.

Football continues and Bob is also coaching tri-golf lessons. The children’s skills have already made great progress in just the first week.

Our Wake Up and Shake Up club have made a fabulous start to the routine that they will perform at the Sports Partnership Competition in December. Mrs Fordyce is an inspirational dance teacher and we are incredibly fortunate to have her on our staff.

Due to the popularity of the Karate sessions we have once again asked David to lead four weeks of martial arts training but this time our Year 1 children are able to join in. We are amazed at the control and skills they are showing in such a short time.

Mrs March has begun the healthy eating club for Year 2 children who gain so much knowledge and skill during the sessions. The smells coming from Class 7 are irresistible at times! From smoothies to fruit sticks and chocolate cakes (we all need a treat every so often!) the children are encouraged to be as independent as possible in order to develop those all-important life skills.


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