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Term 1


Term 1

The after school sports clubs have begun again and this term hockey and football are being led by Bob Bolder from Charlton Athletic Community Club. Bob has been coaching at Herne Infants for more than 15 years and is an inspiring sports coach. The children respond very well to his fun, strict but fair approach to the sessions. Once again the clubs have all been oversubscribed which proves their popularity and the enthusiasm of our children and parents to support a healthy lifestyle.

Our very own home-grown rugby coach is kindly giving up her time again this year to lead our rugby club. Ms Richards enjoys the children having fun while learning the fundamentals of the game. Year 1 and Year 2 children support each other practising all the skills in preparation for some mini-games.

Karate is a new sport to be offered at Herne and we are fortunate to have David Knowles to lead the sessions. This club was introduced with a view to developing age appropriate physical management skills and body control as well as having fun with related games. Dave is an experienced trainer who has worked with local schools for both karate and roller hockey. The club focuses on the aspects of karate that have made it so popular in other local schools such as self-discipline, honesty, respect for others, confidence, balance, coordination etc.

Change4Life Club has begun during curriculum time with a group of Year 2 children who are enjoying the personal challenges very much. They learn about health and fitness in an informed way using record books to track their progress. Our teaching assistant, Miss Asawi is a reliable and enthusiastic leader of the group and the children are fortunate to enjoy the range of activities that she organises for them.


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