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Term 1

Paramedic and Police visits

In year 2 we were very lucky to have visits from paramedics and police officers, linking to our topic of ‘People who help us’. They taught us all about their jobs, explaining what they do and answering our questions that we had. We also had the opportunity to look at the vehicles they use, try on some of their uniform and have our own finger prints examined!

‘Around the World in a Week’

WB: 7th October 2019

During ‘Around the World in a Week’ we had a fantastic time learning about different countries from around the world, including India (Class 7), Australia (Class 8) and New Zealand (Class 9). We did lots of cross-curricular learning, linking to Geography, Music, Art, Writing etc. In the afternoons we had the opportunity to visit other classes and engaged with a range of activities linked to other countries.

Great Fire of London

We spent the term learning all about the Great Fire of London exploring how the fire started, what happened during the fire, how the fire ended and how London was rebuilt as a result. We did lots of exciting activities including baking bread, creating models of Tudor houses and making skyline silhouette art using pastels. To end our topic we recreated London streets using our model houses and safely set fire to them to watch how quickly the fire spread.


October 2019


During October, the children started an outdoor fire-building topic made up of 5 sessions. The children learnt what outdoor materials found in the Hive could be used for kindling. They learnt how to use strikers to make a flame and created their own small fires in tin cans. We learnt how to be safe around fire and ended our topic with a large bonfire (around about the time of Bonfire Night) in which we had toasted marshmallows and popcorn.

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