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Overview Of Physical Education

At Herne we recognise that the diverse and varied nature of Physical Education provides unique and challenging opportunities for all pupils to improve their physical mastery, individual problem solving abilities, creative thinking and social skills as an integral part of their continuing development. We see the evidence on a daily basis that Physical Education helps to reinforce the concept of self-worth through enriched individual and personal performance. We know that it has a marked effect on children’s approach to many other areas of the curriculum. In addition, we encourage the opportunities to adopt positive attitudes towards a long term active, fit and healthy lifestyle.


As part of our curriculum the children engage in at least two high quality physical education lessons each week lasting for 45 minutes of core activity time. Throughout each day the children participate in frequent Physical Active Learning opportunities for a total of at least 30minutes (and most often much more) such as whole body actions to our worship songs or Active Maths lessons as well as Wake-Up-Shake-Up, Dough-disco, Yoga, BEAM etc.


During the year the classes are involved in various whole school competitions such as Wake Up and Shake Up, Big Bounce, Walk a Mile, sporting challenges and our popular Dance Festival as well as the annual Family Fun Sports Days. As part of our collaboration with the local Sporting Partnership we also enter inter-school competitions such as football, gymnastics and multi-skills, travelling to the local secondary schools to compete. Once again this year we were awarded a large trophy for our high number of entries.


Our popular after school clubs provide extra opportunities for our children to further explore their skills. A varied range of clubs such as handball, fencing, dance mats, roller skating as well as the more traditional basketball and football are run in response to children’s interests. Our development plan recognizes the need for a focus on Healthy Eating linked to Physical Activity as well as promoting more unusual sports.


Enrichment Opportunities now form part of our plans as we wish to extend all the children’s skills with such activities as Judo, ready Steady Cook, scooting tricks etc. These are extremely popular especially for those children who are not exposed to such experiences outside of the school community.


Throughout our teaching of Physical Education we are aware and highly attuned to the age-related appropriateness and relevance of the skills being taught. Our children receive experiences that are developmentally suitable to their phase and stage of maturity. Children who require further practise for physical development are supported through individual programmes which draw on elements of such schemes as Fizzy, Sensory Circuits or BEAM. In addition, the staff are highly committed to providing inspiring experiences in tune with the Christian ethos of the school.

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