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Learning Through Play

Learning through Play

Learning Through Play is crucial in developing lifelong skills such as confidence, independence, creativity, communication and problem solving.


Every day, children access quality time to develop these skills in a wide variety of ways and in a range of places. Our learning environment reflects the ever–changing needs and interests of the children including a Maths exploration area, multiple role play areas and access to a wide range of resources both inside and out.


We come together at the end of our Learning Through Play session to share our learning achievements. We use the Characteristics of Effective Learning key words to support this. Below are the key words we use with the children to unpick our Learning Through Play:

                                              Problem Solving       Proud

                                                     Team Work      Perseverance

                                                Concentration       Curiosity

                                                     Experiment      Challenge

                                                      Confidence      Exploring

                                                     Imagination      Determination

                                                 Communication      Risk Taking


We hope you enjoy looking through the many photo observations of your child during their Learning Through Play shown in their Online Learning Profiles (sent out in December, March and July)

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