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How Are Children's Needs Identified & Supported?

Class teachers are in the best position to be able to identify and monitor children’s progress and needs. All children will receive quality first teaching and if necessary a differentiated curriculum. If for any reason a child is not making the expected progress or requires additional support in order to do this they may be discussed with the SENCO.


It is important to remember that many pupils (one in five) will require additional support at some point in their education and this does not necessarily mean that they have SEN. All targeted support put in place by the school is monitored and helps to build a full picture of a child's learning journey.


The SENCO meets with Class teachers every term to review provision for the whole class and consider the impact of interventions. Any child may be discussed and if there are significant concerns the class teacher will highlight this to the SENCO. From these discussions provision map targets will be set for groups of children who may need to receive an intervention for a specific area of learning. Provision map discussions will involve a plan, asses, do and review cycle.

If a class teacher is concerned about a child at any point they will be discussed with the SENCO. Parents are also welcome to discuss concerns regarding their child with their class teacher or the SENCO. There are a number of options that could occur and each child will be considered on an individual basis.

  • New or alternative strategies that could support the child and how they respond to this would be carefully monitored.
  • In school assessment could be carried out in order for us to create a wider picture of an individual
  • A referral to an outside agency such as;
    • Specialist Teaching and Learning Services
    • Paediatrician
    • Speech and Language Therapist
    • Early Help
    • Occupational / Physio therapist
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