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Eco Schools - RHS


Eco Schools - Being Green! 

If you can change one small thing -
together we can make a difference


As we have been refurbishing the internal toilets we have taken the opportunity to incorporate some ecological features.


Not only are our toilet facilities bright, cheerful and practical but they have automatic taps to save water, electronic flushing for hygiene and water saving and award winning Dyson hand driers that save on electricity.  We have already identified a saving on hand towels and the children are able to understand how the changes we have made will impact on the environment.



On one of our staff development days, teaching staff together with John Blithe of Creative Outdoors donned gloves and wellies and worked hard all day to improve the outdoor learning environment for our children.



Wear Something Bright 

The children were encouraged to wear something bright and we turned off all equipment and lights not needed for an hour to save energy.
You can join in and save energy at home.


Here are some of the activities we do to help save our world.

We like to do things to help nature.

We have a camera in a nesting box so that we can observe the birds in their own environment during the nesting season.

We recycle our fruit and veg waste for compost.


We work with others to recycle  


We had a great day celebrating Green Britain day.




We asked everyone to make their own Green Pledge which we was displayed around the school.  We hope your family have joined in and made a pledge.

It doesn't have to be a big commitment but together we can make the changes count

We hope to share photos with you about what we are doing together in school.

What is your pledge . . . .??


The school has an Energy Certificate which gives details of how energy is used at the school. Although the rating for the school is above average for this type of building we hope that actions that we can put in place will help to improve our rating and perhaps impact on our environment

Have fun with the eon website which shows ways of saving energy around the home in an interactive way.


There are lots of other sites to have a look at and learn from.


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