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Children in Year 1 and 2 have been enjoying a range of clubs.

Term 1

The children loved attending Football, Healthy eating, Street dance, Judo, Multi-sports, Speed stacking and Tag Rugby!

Pupil voice

Healthy eating club – “I learnt about different healthy fruit and vegetables and got to try new foods”

Football club – “I learnt how to dribble the ball carefully”

Street dance club – “I loved dancing to lots of different songs”


Term 2

Due to popular demand from Term 1 we have also continued Healthy eating and Football clubs into Term 2. In addition, children have participated in Fitness and Dodgeball.

Pupil voice

Dodgeball club – “I learnt how to throw the ball under arm and had lots of fun with my friends”

Fitness club – “We used lots of different equipment at fitness club”

Fitness club – “I liked the different activities. They were fun”



Term 3

This term Year 1 and Year 2 children have had great engagement with Healthy eating, Judo, Basketball and Football.

Pupil voice

Healthy eating club - “I learnt that we have to eat 5 fruit and vegetables every day”

Healthy eating club - “We learnt all about healthy food and cooking”

Change For Life

Change For Life 1
Change For Life 2
Change For Life 3


Dodgeball 1
Dodgeball 2


Fitness 1
Fitness 2
Fitness 3


Football 1
Football 2
Football 3


Basketball 1
Basketball 2
Basketball 3
Basketball 4
Basketball 5
Basketball 6

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating 1
Healthy Eating 2
Healthy Eating 3
Healthy Eating 4


Judo 1
Judo 2
Judo 3
Judo 4
Judo 5
Judo 6
Judo 7
Judo 8
Judo 9

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