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Our Lunch Time sessions have been revolutionised this year due to the hard work and enthusiasm of our Mid-Day Supervisors. Having visited a local infant school they came back and audited our current provision, piloted various aspects and added several new ideas of their own. Our aim is to continue high quality learning throughout the school day.

We now have play leaders who support the MDS by helping to set up and put away resources, check on children who appear to be alone and contribute with ideas for activities. They lead playing games and are highly visible in their light blue jackets. In addition, regular meetings between adults both formally and informally together with daily discussions have ensured that development of our activity levels continues.  

Recently we introduced an end of lunch time Wake Up and Shake Up which is led by the children. This is combined with massage sessions to calm and collect the children ready to continue their class-based learning in the afternoon.

The impact has been measured in terms of children’s improved levels of positive well-being, the increased number of smiling, enthusiastic faces, the raised quantity of laughter heard and the readiness for learning at 1 o’clock.

A huge thank you to our wonderful lunch time staff for the way they have embraced the challenges of improving the lunch time experience for everyone

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