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Throughout the year, Year One will learn about aspects of Judaism and Christianity.





Throughout the year the children will develop skills of retelling religious stories with increasing accuracy and talking about things that are important to them. They will demonstrate these skills through exploring the following topics in Christianity:

  • The miracles of Jesus
  • Jesus’ childhood and life
  • Creation
  • Christmas, Easter and Pentecost
  • Christian values and living a Christian life.



 They will also explore the following areas of Judaism:

  • Important people (Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Esther).
  • Special meals, customs and symbols.


The children will be visiting a synagogue to explore the customs and symbols of the Jewish faith from first-hand experience.


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Collective Worship

As we are a Church School the children will visit St Martin’s Church throughout the year to celebrate key events such as Harvest, Christmas and Easter.

The children are also visited once a week by the Vicar who talks to the children about key religious events, values and encourages the children to reflect on their own experiences.

The children also have daily Collective Worship sessions where they can learn about key Christian values and how these relate to themselves.

Each class has a reflection area for children to go to during the day to rest and reflect on key values. They can express their thoughts and feelings in a calm environment. We also have a reflection area in the wildlife garden outside, where children can sit and think.

The children take part in prayer experiences throughout the year and join up with the Junior School, St Martin’s Church and Strode Park to explore prayer together.

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