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Physical Development

Physical development


Fine Motor:

This term we have continued to develop our skills within the handwriting patterns. We have recently practised the ‘crosses’ and ‘kisses’ patterns using different writing tools. We are now learning the techniques to join the ‘crosses’ and ‘kisses’ together to form the ‘star’ handwriting pattern. We will be continuing with the progressive patterns up until Christmas when we will be fully prepared to begin to learn our first cursive letters. Parents will be invited into another workshop to learn to form letters in the cursive style.This term we have continued to develop our skills within our handwriting patterns. We have recently practised the ‘castles’ and now we are moving onto writing our cursive letters. We start this transition from handwriting patterns to cursive writing by starting with the ‘c’ formation. Once the children have mastered the cursive ‘c’ formation we then move on to writing other letters. The link below shows the order that we teach the letter formation.
During our morning activities the children have been given the opportunity to practise writing their letters and words using whiteboards, pens, chalks and chalkboards.


Gross motor


During this term we have continued with our yoga sessions within P.E once a week. We are all still thoroughly enjoying the different experiences we are taken on during our sessions, one of which was ‘Frozen’ as it linked to our new topic. We have also continued our write dance sessions which are also once a week. We are all benefiting from these sessions as they develop some vital movement skills.
Recently we have been developing our travelling skills and spatial awareness skills in our P.E lessons. We have been learning how to move over, under and through different equipment.
These sessions have been really beneficial for the children as they have been able to transfer the skills of moving and looking around them into their learning through play sessions.
We will continue to develop these skills within P.E for the remaining time in Term 3.

We had a very exciting start to our Term 1 P.E lessons as we were able to take part within Yoga lessons in school. Through these lessons we have learnt balancing skills, listening skills as well as skills that help us to follow instructions.
We have also been using the parachute within our P.E lessons. This has been a great experience as we have been able to learn some vital skills that we use within the classroom, some of which are, listening skills, teamwork skills and our ability to be more spatial aware.
Towards the end of Term 1 we began our write dance sessions. These sessions help our gross motor and fine motor skills which are vital within our learning. The first session that we had completed was based on the ‘Volcano’ story. We all really enjoyed this session and we pretended that we were a giant storming down the mountain!

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