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This term we have continued to develop our number skills as well as our 2D shape recognition. We have been counting and ordering numbers and developing accurate counting skills. We have recently begun to explore Numicon which is a fantastic maths resource. We can now recognise the correct Numicon piece with the correct number. For the remainder of this term we will continue to explore Numicon and begin to look at some comparative language related to size and 3D

This term we have been working on recognising our numbers to 20. For this we have been participating in number hunts, playing with number fans and counting the correct amount of objects and then matching it to the correct number. Some of us are also beginning to learn what number is 1 more and 1 less than another number and then being extended to 2 more and 2 less.
Throughout the term we have also been recapping and exploring the numicon resource. The children have been able to fill their numicon boards using the numicon shapes, order their numicon shapes to 10 and recognise the shapes independently.

During the term we have also been learning about 3D shapes and their properties. We have learnt how to describe the shapes and recognise them by sight. In order for us to learn these shapes we played some games to help us, some of which are, ‘Guess the shape’, ‘Shape hunt’ and ‘What shape am I?’
Throughout the rest of term we will continue to work with our numbers within 20 and we will also be continuing to develop our skills in recognising and describing 3D shapes.

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