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Intra-School Competitions


Throw and Catch Competition Term 1

To test our hand-eye coordination skills, every child in the school took part, including Nursery. The children had to throw a ball in the air and catch it as many times as they could in 30 seconds. Not as easy as it sounds when you are being timed and watched by others.  In a school worship at the end of term we celebrated the success of Class 2, Class 6 and Class 9 as well as Max Spicer gaining the highest score overall. Well done everybody.


Wake Up and Shake Up Competition Term 2

Our annual competition for Year 1 and Year 2 was once again a great success with the reception staff finding it very difficult to decide the winners. Year 1 chose to make up their fitness routines to classical Christmas music while Year 2 chose marching tunes to reflect our recent WW1 topic. It was a tough choice and Class 5 and Class 8 were given this year’s prizes and certificates as they performed super routines - congratulations. All routines are now available to share on our school system for you all to copy and keep us moving.


Target Competition Term 3 – Year 1 hockey; Year R curling

Hockey has proved to be very popular this year with the Year 1 children so we have introduced this new competition to the calendar. Every child had an opportunity to play in team games as well as accept the challenge of penalty shots at goal. In the team games the children demonstrated their new skills of controlling the ball, passing and working together in groups of 4. The penalty shots at goal were a real challenge but the children were keen to show off their concentration and accuracy with many scoring top marks.  The results for the team games were so close across the classes but when added to the scores of the penalty shots the overall winners by a small margin were Class 6. Well done!

In Year R the classes enjoyed curling so much they held a competition which was very exciting to watch. The children demonstrated great focus and attention, calmly aiming at the target with most children being able to reach the target spot. This is a relatively new sport to the school but one which all children can access and is an integral part of our ethos. Congratulations to Class 1 for scoring the highest points.


Dance Competition Term 4 – whole school

Our amazingly talented staff and children created the most fabulous dances we have ever seen in this year’s dance competition/festival. The theme was Around the World with dances from America, Scotland, Spain, France, Greece etc. Every class rehearsed for weeks to perfect their performances and they wowed our judges from Herne Bay High School who could not believe the standard and skills of our children. Their decision for the winning classes was incredibly difficult but they chose Class 2 from the Foundation Stage, Class 5 from Year 1 and Class 9 from Year 2. Congratulations to those children and staff.

On the following day our whole school shared both their dances and cultural songs in a very moving display of talent. This occasion truly demonstrated the inclusive, creative and inspiring curriculum that we have at Herne, moving many staff to tears as we watched children overcome a range of challenges to perform with all the motivation, determination and expertise that most would never have had an opportunity to experience. Overwhelming thanks go to our awesomely outstanding team of staff.


Jumping / Bouncing Competition Term 5 – whole school

Every single child in our school and many of the adults entered our Sponsored Bounce Competition to raise funding to expand and resource our outdoor playtimes. It was a fun day for everyone with the Chair of Governors joining in to be one of the first adults to take part – although there is no actual photographic evidence we do have plenty of witnesses to the event. The children rose to the challenge of jumping non-stop for 30 seconds which is actually very tiring as the staff will be able to testify! The bounciest boy and girl from each class were each awarded a certificate and a special Freddo Frog chocolate while the bounciest class were awarded a particularly bouncy ball for their class to share. Mrs Minter was determined to become the bounciest adult to take part; she even bounced twice to ensure that her score was not beaten!

Special thanks to all our fabulously kind parents who generously supported this competition with their sponsorship.


Fun Sports Afternoons Term 6 –  each year group

Year 2

The weather was perfect for Year 2s Fun Sports this year and there was a great turn out from active and willing parents. All the children had a great afternoon and the competition was fierce at times although fair play and sportsmanship were very evident throughout. The results were very close for each event and overall Class 7 just beat Class 9 by one point!

Year 1

Again the weather was perfect on the day and parents turned up in force to support and cheer on the children in the 9 events. Every child was extremely active all afternoon from curling to penalty shots and sitting volleyball. We were unable to complete the whole event on the day (mainly due to the heat and time running out) so we will be finishing it in our PE lessons…… watch this space for the results!

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