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Inter-School Competitions


KS1 Tag Rugby Development Afternoon 6th November 2014

What a fabulous afternoon!!! We were one of 24 teams (175 children) that took part in the KS1 Tag Rugby Development Afternoon on Wednesday 5th November.


The afternoon involved coaching sessions followed by group games. The progression that the children made during the afternoon was fantastic. Our number 1 and 2 teams both won their group competitions and our number 3 team came a very respectable 3rd against some very tough competition. One of our teams scored the highest overall number of tries for all the schools involved – amazing!


This is the second year running that our children have performed to a high standard (last year we won the cup at the Whitstable Rugby Club competition) so our grateful thanks are due to Mrs Richards who is our resident rugby coach for so ably supporting the Year 2 teams.


Cross Country Running Competition 13th September, 8th November, 22nd November 2014

We had a team of at least 25 keen and eager runners from Year R, Year 1 and Year 2 all raring to go for these events which was an impressive turnout for Saturday mornings. Every child gave all they had to run the course which was 600m over hilly terrain being led by an adult runner. As this was the first time we had taken part it was wonderful to see our children making up most of the pack. Even though others from the host school took most of the early finishing places, all who came to support were incredibly proud of our children. Well done to Toby Sands for winning one of the races.


Wake Up and Shake Up Competition 3rd December

We joined our KS2 colleagues in the theatre at Herne Bay High School for an afternoon of high energy fitness routines being judged by a panel of 5 experts in front of a full capacity audience. Our children were part of the after school club who had only been training for a few weeks but with the parents being very supportive for additional practises, the children were ready to take to the stage. The wonderfully creative and inspirational Mrs Fordyce led our team to a clear victory in the competition and we retained the trophy from last year. Huge congratulations to everyone involved.


Speedstacking Competition 4th February

This is the first year that this competition has been run for KS1 children and we entered 2 teams. Mrs March had prepared the children during the Speedstacking Club sessions and they were very excited to be taking part. On the day the children had to play in three rounds which were all timed. One of the events involved the children working in pairs but they were only allowed to use one hand each! Children from our partner Junior school were close by to give us handy tips and practise pointers so the children improved their skills further. Although we came 6th and 7th our children gained so much in confidence and skill during the afternoon that we all felt like winners.


Cross Country Running Competition 7th February

Once again we took a team of children to Vernolm Holme School on a Saturday morning but this time the ground was rather muddy and of course the temperature rather colder. The children demonstrated real determination to get round the course with Oscar gaining an impressive 6th place in the Year 2 race.


Gymnastics Competition  11th February

This year we adapted our curriculum for Year 2 to incorporate the Key Steps into the lesson planning which then made it difficult to choose 3 teams between the fabulous talent we have. Each child who competed worked incredibly hard to practise the three routines and on the day it was evident that our school was very well prepared. Our results were the best we have had for a few years with the teams being placed 2nd 4th and 6th overall. This means that one of our teams will represent the Coastal Partnership at the East Kent School Games in the summer – enormous congratulations to the Year 2 staff and children on such a great achievement!


Infant Agility Competition 18th March

After much practise and an added afternoon of support from the Herne Bay High team of coaches, our three teams were raring to go. On the day the 28 children were so excited and did their absolute best at every one of the 6 events which included a relay obstacle race to warm up, speedbouncing over a 20cm high bar, bowling, long jump and a timed agility race. All our children made us incredibly proud with their determination, perseverance and stamina and in our view outshone all the other 19 teams present in the arena! Each child achieved beyond their best scores and were rewarded with one of our teams winning the competition and therefore going forward to represent the Coastal Partnership at the Kent School Games in the summer. Another awesome achievement!


Dance Festival 20th March

This year we surpassed ourselves with an incredibly complicated dance to Cry of the Celts from Riverdance. Our nine Year 2 dancers gave so much of their own time and effort to rehearse with the incredibly talented Mrs Fordyce and their efforts were reward with rapturous applause at the festival. Please see the attached video of the dance to appreciate this amazing achievement of our children.This is all the more wonderful as many of the troupe have never had any formal dance lessons outside of school.


Cross Country Running Competition 21st March

The final event this season at Vernolm Holme School on a Saturday morning saw our stalwart team of Year 2 children, Oscar, Amelie, Charlie and Liam giving their all around the course. Once again the parents support made this possible and we were all incredibly proud of our team in the face of tough competition. Results are awaited.


Athletics Competition 25th April

Several children from Year R to Year 2 joined me at Vernon Holme for a great morning of running, jumping and throwing against many other local schools. All the children who took part were a real credit to the school and thoroughly enjoyed their events. Lucy from Class 2 did an amazing jump over the high jump while Charlie, Zac and Jamie in Year 2 ran really well in the sprint races against some tough opposition. Congratulation to all our competitors and I look forward to seeing you at the next competition.


Multi-skills Competition with Graveney Primary School 15th May

Fifteen of our Year 1 children travelled by mini-bus to the Primary school at Graveney to take part in a multiskills competition supported by their Change 4 Life Club. It was a very exciting visit with the headteacher introducing us to her lovely dog Freddie and the children having an opportunity to look around a very different type of school. The overall winners were a team from Graveney but our children had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.


Multi-skills Competition with  St Thomas Primary School 21st May

Fifteen different children from Year 1 took part this time as 12 children made the journey from Canterbury to join them for a fun multi-skills competition. Our team of Year 2 Sports Leaders were in charge of each activity and were absolutely outstanding in their skills of organising, explaining, demonstrating and supporting the teams. Mrs Thomas-Friend popped out to see us and she was amazed at the maturity of the children who were leading the event. St Thomas children had an amazing time and were very excited to be with us – one child said it was the best afternoon he had ever had and some didn’t want to leave! The overall winners were Herne Infants although everyone had a successful time and we look forward to repeating it next year.


Football Term 6 – Year 2

This year we entered 2 teams of eight children and everyone was absolutely brilliant despite the weather being rather unkind for some for some of the afternoon. Team 1 were unlucky to concede two quick goals in their  last game but tried really hard to get the score back to 2-2 but hit the cross bar a few times. They finished second in their group. Ethan Cole scored 7 goals, 5 in one match! Undefeated!  Team 2 drew one game and lost three but were unlucky to be in a really difficult group. The children all worked really hard as a team and didn’t give up. Jamie was excellent in goal and Cruz was unlucky not to score.


Kent School Games ; Infant Agility Final  Term 6  –  Year 2

We travelled to Folkestone for the final this year and had a wonderful day doing many different activities as well as competing in the final of the infant agility. For our completion we were against 6 other teams from across Kent. For each activity every child gave their all to get their personal best score. Charlie made a huge effort to prepare for the stepper challenge. When the results were called we could not believe that we had won! There was a gold medal for each child who went home with the biggest smile ever for being the best in Kent. A huge thank you to Mrs Henderson and Mrs Dean who were part of the support crew for the day.



Kent School Games ; Gymnastics Final  Term 6  –  Year 2

Once again we had to travel further afield – this time to Maidstone and the Pegasus Gymnastics Club. Our team of 4 were brilliant in such huge halls with judges at every turn and a maze of gymnastic equipment surrounding them. Added to which it was an incredibly hot day. They all performed their three routines (vault, body management and floor exercise) really well and we are awaiting the results. Highlights include Lucie’s fabulous arm positions, Kieran’s brilliant posture, Emily’s forward roll with very pointed toes and Ella’s carefully planned slow pace to allow the judges time to appreciate her skills. We are awaiting the results.


Athletics Term 6 - Year 2

This event was sponsored through a partnership with Kent Sports made by our PE Coordinator to secure the funding required to allow infant schools to access an athletics competition. Our 2 teams of 8 children were specially chosen from those who had not experienced competitive sport before.   They all had a wonderful morning on the hottest of the year! Every child gave all they had especially in the 300m and 50m sprint. The javelin event and the long jump were great fun as we all challenged ourselves to achieve higher marks at each try. The children saved their best for the last event – 50m sprint. This was all the infant teams against each other and we had some amazing sprinters racing down the track. Although we were not in the medal positions, each child was incredibly proud of themselves and loved representing our school

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