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How Can I Support My Child With SEN?

Regular meetings are held with the SENCO and class team, parents are invited and actively encouraged to provide input and ideas as to how support can be provided. Individual children will have individual needs and there will be no one answer to this. Parents are encouraged to support their children at home; this may take a number of forms. Parents are welcome to contact their class teacher or the SENCO for ideas and suggestions if they would like to know more.

Attendance has a big impact on children’s learning therefore regular attendance is vital.

Talk to staff; we have an open door policy at Herne and parents are always welcome to come and discuss any concerns or worries they have with their child’s class teacher or the SENCO

Let us know if your child has an upcoming appointment and feedback to staff after the appointment, this helps us to stay in the loop and ensures that we have the most up to dat information from medical professionals.

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