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Year 2 Rugby Lesson

Year 2 Rugby Lesson 1
Year 2 Rugby Lesson 2
Year 2 Rugby Lesson 3

Water Experience

Water Experience 1
Water Experience 2
Water Experience 3

Year 1 Writedance

Year 1 Writedance 1
Year 1 Writedance 2
Year 1 Writedance 3

Class Massage

Class Massage 1
Class Massage 2

Gym Lesson

Gym Lesson 1
Gym Lesson 2
Gym Lesson 3

Head Teachers’ Conference  23rd November

Three of our Year 2 children joined with nine other children from local infant schools to learn a dance in less than 2 hours. They demonstrated enormous commitment and such maturity at the rehearsals. Dressed up in lovely costumes they danced their way through a huge room to Katy Perry ‘Fireworks’ at the Ashford International Hotel in front of the headteachers from Kent. What an honour it was and they certainly made us all very proud.

Year 2 - Tennis Coaching

Year 2 - Tennis Coaching 1
Year 2 - Tennis Coaching 2
Year 2 - Tennis Coaching 3

Year R - Make Your Own Obstacle Course

Year R - Make Your Own Obstacle Course 1
Year R - Make Your Own Obstacle Course 2
Year R - Make Your Own Obstacle Course 3

Year R Sports Day

What fun it was! Another hot, sunny day and a huge turnout of parent support. So many children were incredible at their sports and demonstrated fabulous skills for the frisbee, obstacle course and target throwing. The parents were once again great at joining in and supporting their children. Many children were able to explain why they were so good: “I practised a lot” “My teacher shows me how to do it and I just do it”  “This is so much fun that I keep doing it.” 

Year 1 Active Play

Year 1 Active Play 1
Year 1 Active Play 2
Year 1 Active Play 3
Year 1 Active Play 4

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